crane1Currently WRE has two projects under way: Whicher Range Field in Permit EP408; Whicher Range South prospect in the adjacent permit EP381. The Whicher Range field was discovered in 1968 by Union Oil, and since then the field has had five wells drilled on the structure, each confirming significant columns of gas (approx. 650m). The most recent well, Whicher Range-5, was drilled in 2000. The reservoir has presented technical challenges to the previous operators. However, recent development in tight gas technology, and the changes in the domestic gas market now make the Whicher Range Field an extremely attractive development opportunity.The Whicher Range South prospect is believed to be a similar structure to the Whicher Range Gas Field and once appraised, could potentially present a gas resource in the order of 1TCF in place.



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"Government funds   AUD$750,000 for conducting technical studies on the Whicher Range gas field."
A joint research project on Whicher Range reservoir has received formal Government approval and will be funded by the State of Western Australia via the Geological Survey of Western Australia.


Currently WRE has two projects in operation. Five wells have been drilled on the structure to date, including Whicher Range-5. The Whicher Range field, in  EP408, was discovered in 1968.   
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