Exploration Permit 408


Exploration Permit EP408 in the onshore Southern Perth Basin near the town of Busselton, is approximately 280km south of Perth,Western Australia.  The Permit contains the Whicher Range and Wonnerup Gas Fields which were discovered in 1968 and 1971 respectively.

The Whicher Range structure is a large, well delineated gas field. Seismic data and the drilling of five exploration/appraisal wells has defined the field, extending over 100 square kilometre area, a gross hydrocarbon column height of 650m and a OGIP resource potentially in excess of 4 TCF.





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"Government funds   AUD$750,000 for conducting technical studies on the Whicher Range gas field."
A joint research project on Whicher Range reservoir has received formal Government approval and will be funded by the State of Western Australia via the Geological Survey of Western Australia.


Currently WRE has two projects in operation. Five wells have been drilled on the structure to date, including Whicher Range-5. The Whicher Range field, in  EP408, was discovered in 1968.   
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